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Meet our Team

Rev. Blessing Ajayi

Founder/Chief Executive Director

Nosakhare Alex Ihema

Member, Board of Directors

Nkiru Anyanwu

Member, Board of Directors

rev. blessing ajayi

Founder/Chief Executive Director


Her Excellency, Ambassador Reverend Blessing Ajayi, is the Founder and Chief Executive Director of Glorious Women of Wonders Prayer Ministry Worldwide, a registered charity organization in Canada and Africa. She is also a co- founder and managing director of Apex Resource Community Centre. In 2020, Reverend Blessing was certified as a Peace Ambassador to the United Nations and achieved Diplomatic status.

Rev. Blessing in June 26,2022 under her organization setup and launch GWOW STUDIOS her childhood dreams, a media production social enterprise department. Use for Skill training and self development.

She is the founder and host of People’s Blessing Show. A program that is making a great difference in Peel Region community in Ontario.

Reverend Blessing is an exceptional leader, a virtuous woman, counselor, mentor, missionary and evangelist, who has traveled the globe to conduct evangelistic revival conferences. Her compassion and acts of goodwill for humanitarian purposes have changed many lives. 


For more than 20 years Reverend Blessing has served and supported the vulnerable population on a national and international level. She is a philanthropist, advocate, and humanitarian ambassador.


Her goal is to share God’s love and compassion to humanity and to inspire people of all ethnicities 

to become leaders and agents of change in their communities while mobilizing groups of people 

for charitable works. 


She organizes and manages various community programs including Senior Smile Care, Youth for 

Greatness, Global Prayer Conference, Ekpeye Heritage Canada and Blessed Mission Foundation, an outreach program supporting the less privileged worldwide. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, Rev. Blessing’s organizations have been engaged in providing 

emergency community relief that is helping families enhance their immediate needs. Rev. Blessing has also collaborated with other local organizations to organize food, clothing and wheelchair campaigns which donate to local charities and organizations here and around the world.


Reverend Blessing is an active Canadian citizen and a Brampton West resident who participates in various community empowerment activities such as, but not limited to, campaign volunteering, the Black African and Caribbean Advisory Council, Rotary Club of Brampton West and she is a founding member of Immigrant Women in Business Toronto.


In addition to all of this, she is also a mother of four and has been married to Engr. Abayomi Ajayi for over 24year.


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27


  • 2021:  Community Development Award by CNP Council of Nigerian Professional 
  • 2020:  International Women’s Day Community Development Award By IWAA 
  • 2020:  Humanitarian Award by VIGO International Canada 
  • 2019:  100 Black Women to Watch awarded in Canada 
  • 2019:  Commitment and Dedication in Community Services and Program Initiatives Award by Brampton City Mayor Patrick Brown 
  • 2019: Women Achievement Award by GTA Northwest Community Health Service Inc., Canada, on International Women’s Day 
  • 2019:  Community Service award by RCCG, Anointed Chapel Brampton 
  • 2019:  City of Brampton Citizen Award for 10 years of Long-time Community Service by the City of Brampton, Ontario, Canada 
  • 2017:  Mission and Leadership Award for Glorious Women of Wonders Excellence Achievement 
  • 2011:  Epitome of a Virtuous Woman Award by Glorious Women of Wonders 


  1. The City of Brampton’s Mayor Patrick Brown. 
  2. The City of Brampton’s former Mayor, Ms. Susan Fennel 
  3. The City of Brampton’s former Mayor, Ms. Linda Jeffery, 
  4. Former Brampton West Member of Parliament- Mr. Kyle Seeback, 
  5. Brampton West Member of Parliament, Kamal Khera 
  6. City of Brampton Councillor, Doug Whillans 

Nosakhare alex ihema

Member, Board of Directors and Trustee

Executives and entrepreneurs consult with me when they wish to align their processes, policies, procedures and the passion of their people with the vision of their organizations.

They consult with me when they wish to initiate paradigm shifts, instigate business transformation, ensure business continuity and implement an effective succession plan.

They consult with me when they wish to explore new opportunities and break new grounds, when they wish to develop strategic plans, achieve stringent goals and objectives and orchestrate leadership culture in their corporation, church, college, community or government.

Whether you are a CEO, politician, pastor, professor, parent or some kind of professional, my speaking engagements, training sessions, coaching programs and consulting services are designed to think deeply, act passionately and grow steadily. My objective is to deliver the ultimate in training experience to ensure sustainable changes and maximum living.

The innovative coaching framework which I pioneered is based on decades of deep psychological, physiological, spiritual and philosophical researches, and transcends religious, cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

I have used this framework to successfully turn organizations around and helped thousands of people around the world to discover their purpose in life, overcome their challenges, achieve their goals, attain entrepreneurial success and build their legacies.

You can learn more about me, my messages and philosophies in my books, Welcome to Greatness, and The Mystique of Leadership, or kindly visit the following websites:


nkiru anyanwu

Member, Board of Directors and Trustee

With over five years of legal experience in diverse settings and jurisdictions, I am a skilled and adaptable associate lawyer at Fade Law Office, a boutique firm specializing in criminal, immigration and corporate law. I have a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Business and Corporate Law from Lancaster University, England.

I provide valuable legal services to clients by being proactive, resourceful, resilient, and analytical. I have expertise in legal writing, research, and immigration consultancy, as well as alternative dispute resolution and forensic psychology. I am committed to advancing the cause of justice and human rights, and to delivering high-quality and ethical legal solutions.

What Our Clients Say

I have been privy to being a part of GWOW organization. I am glad to have contributed my time by volunteering. This organization has touched and impacted lives who will forever be grateful. Keep doing the great work. Kuddos!

Nkeruka, Calgary.

I have been privy to being a part of GWOW organization. I am glad to have contributed my time by volunteering. This organization has touched and impacted lives who will forever be grateful. Keep doing the great work. Kuddos!

Nkeruka, Calgary.