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The GWOW program is designed to enhance the life and career opportunities of women, who face several challenges in the field. The program aims to train and mentor women to become entrepreneurs who can support themselves, their families, and their communities.

To empower women to create business opportunities, we also offer employment training programs at our Agricultural Centers, where these women will receive basic skills for employment. We believe in a world where every woman has access to opportunity regardless of her background or geographic location, where girl’s future is determined by their dreams not their fears.

Some of the programs offered include:

Women Social Enterprise Cooperative in Arts and Fashion Design Program

Women Employment Readiness and Entrepreneurship Training Program

Parental Training Strategy for Raising Resilient Children and Youth Program

Home Caregivers Understanding Your Clients-Customer Relationship


Social Enterprise Cooperative in Arts and Fashion Design

This training targets women aged 16-30 years who fit any or a combination of the following characteristics: 

  • Not working
  • Laid off work
  • Post secondary graduates or did not complete secondary School.

This course in Arts and Fashion designs aims to provide a holistic education in the arts and fashion industry and equip students with the skills and knowledge required to not only produce their own designs but also earn income that will continue to grow.  On the course, students can expect to learn the following:

  • Sketching and Illustration
  • Fashion history and theory
  • Textile and fabric selection
  • Pattern-making and construction
  • Fashion marketing and branding
  • Technical skills such as draping, sewing and garment construction

Employment Readiness and Entrepreneurship

This program is focused on women older than 29 year of age who have not been a part of the labour force for a long time. Students will learn relevant skills training as well as mentorship and coaching, special emotional and social skills training for building resiliency, for building the growth mindset and personal mastery in the development of the sustainable mind shift required by this group of women to prosper in the marketplace. 

The aim of this program is to ultimately get them ready for the world of work in the 21st century, raise their consciousness as to what current employers are looking for in their workers and set them on a pathway toward a sustainable livelihood of economic independence in the post covid 19 pandemic era.

Parental Training Strategy

In this age and time, it is imperative to teach parents great strategies for raising resilient children and youths. A training such as this is important for many reasons but a few critical ones are as follows:

  • Improved child outcomes: By teaching effective parenting strategies, parents can improve their child's overall well-being, behavior, and academic performance.
  • Strengthened parent-child relationship: Parental training can help parents build stronger, more positive relationships with their children.
  • Improved family functioning: Effective parental training can promote positive family dynamics and improve communication within the family.
  • Reduction of behavioral problems: Parental training can help parents address behavioral problems in their children, reducing the likelihood of negative outcomes such as delinquency and substance abuse.
  • Increased parental confidence and competence: Parents who receive training often report increased confidence and competence in their parenting abilities.
  • Better equipped to handle challenges: Parental training can provide parents with tools and strategies to effectively handle common challenges and stressors in parenting.

GWoW aims to hold multiple sessions of this training every year. 

Home Caregivers Understanding Your Clients Training

There is usually a lot of disconnect between home care givers and their clients even for experienced care givers. The stake is even higher for those who have never been in the caregiver field. Therefore, in order to develop empathy in caregivers and help them provide high-quality services, improve communication, increase safety and better health outcomes for clients, this training is essential.